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Industrial Relations Institute of India undertakes Organisational Climate Survey and actively advises companies in the field of Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management. Mr. S. V. Iyer, who was heading the HR function in CIPLA for several decades and a topnotch HR professional, is the current President and Dr. R. Krishna Murthy is the Director.

The Institute is well geared to support individuals working in the field of Industrial Relations understand the legal, professional and expert insight in the field of human resources management, handling trade unions, trouble shooting or problem solving, help in collective bargaining, wage negotiations, contract labour management, prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace and problems relating to employee discipline, managing industrial relations and all such allied matters.


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    Knowledge of the Sales Promotion Employees Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Standing Orders, and MRTU & PULP Act are very important when dealing with issues of medical representatives. In the field, the Medical Representatives and the Unions are very well versed with the knowledge of law and the rights they have under law.

Our Services

Trouble shooting

Advice and support in Trouble Shooting and handling problems of Industrial Relations, Managing Discipline, Trade Unions, Workmen and Trade Union Leadership Development, collective bargaining or wage negotiations, grievance handling, etc.

Legal Queries

Question pertaining to working conditions-breach of contract, disciplinary actions, warning, Show cause notice, terminations. We help our clients through the disciplinary proceedings including drafting letters of show cause notice, charge sheets, and also assist in conducting the domestic enquiries for Workmen and handle issues of termination and litigation arising thereof.

Wage negotiation

In the Indian context, wage negotiations are complex and need an intelligent management strategy to work out a settlement that will meet the future and also ensure the competitive ability of the company. Assisting the company in its negotiating strategy and also training the negotiating team on how to negotiate is a key activity in many organizations that are closely associated with us.

Conducting Training Programs

Many programs which involve both skill and competence building in the field of industrial relations for both line managers and also worker leaders undertaken in English/Hindi and the most popular and programs on demand are outlined separately in the Conferences Section. Please visit it.

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