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Conferences conducted by Industrial Relations Institute of India

  • Job or Work Contracts & Labour Contracts- Essential Difference, Legal Liabilities & Safeguards.
  • Sexual Harassment at Workplace.
  • The Law & Practice on ‘Splitting of Wages for Provident Fund’.
  • Most Common Violations & Prosecution under Important Labour Laws.
  • Meeting & Interaction with the Chairman of Maharashtra Security Guard Board Mr. R.M. Pardeshi.
  • Trade Union Leadership Development.
  • ABC-XYZ of Contract Labour.
  • Meeting & Interaction with the Chairman of the Mathadi Board Mr. N. A. Patil.
  • Line Managers as Proactive Catalysts in Industrial Relations.
  • Law on Enforceability of Restrictive Covenants in the Employment Contract.
  • Principal Employer’s obligations under Work Contracts & Labour Contracts.
  • Vulnerabilities of the Principal Employer in Engagement of Contract.

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